Global Impact Competition 2013

L’edizione 2013 della Global Impact Competition è stata vinta da Alessandro Innocenti con il progetto Alika Technology: una ceramica intelligente che permette di assorbire particelle “nocive” contenute nei liquidi.

ALIKA: the next generation, intelligent ceramic material that can selectively absorb liquids.

It is born as “paradox ingredient”, an ingredient you can use in you kitchen, which cooks with your food, “an ingredient you add, to remove something else”.

ALIKA can absorb oils, fat and greases from food reducing the incidence of obesity-related diseases.

It can also be used for environmental purposes like sewers filtration, water purification, and treatment of polluted sea and river waters (oil, hydrocarbons, floating liquids).

Its process is completely reversible: while releasing the substances previously collected it also performs an upstream separation of pollutants and wastes.


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